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K0kath is the newest kid from the e-commerce block. Laugfs Holdings have found the secret recipe for triumph in online retail shopping through Lfinity Pvt Ltd. Ergo Laugfs holding is introducing a new dynamic to the Sri Lankan online retail shopping experience through Kokath by introducing a Japanese Lifestyle store.

Kokath is consisted of more that 1000 innovative useful products which will help you to simplify your daily task at home and you will be surprised to find products for everyone in your family in one place.Our main purpose is to create a shopping space where customers can shop as a family together so we offer a range of products for every age group and we do this while maintaining our prices low

We want to bring this new experience to everyone, regardless of any limitations and that is why we have opened up stores in your city, currently you are able to walk in and enjoy Kokath shopping experience in Kandana. We have not stopped there though, we are planing on opening more showrooms in Colombo and Kandy before the end of this financial year

Ergo if you want to find our more about this new business, we welcome you to try us out, drop into and see for yourself and let us know how your experience was, be a part of the change in the e-commerce sector in Sri Lanka by embracing change