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We have brought you a modern day kitchen experience all the way from Japan, The unique aspect about these authentic Japanese kitchen items is that unlike in Sri Lanka, Japanese folks does not have a spacious kitchen to have a separate item for every chore so because of that they have come up with creative kitchen gadgets to do multiple jobs from one item and these creative kitchenware will save you money and time both and to top it all of these products original Japanese items making them durable and reliable so browse in our kitchenware section to select what you like and we will deliver this to your doorstep in no time



Thinking of giving your living room a new outlook ? or doing something different with your dinning room ? Well the solution is here, Kokath is offering you a wide range of Ceramic items at affordable prices. These orginal porcelain items contains a unique beauty from Japan meaning we are offering you unique styles and designs in the ceramics we offer which will surely stand out from the local designs or if you are thinking of giving a gift to one of your loved ones why not select something from our ceramic range because not only the gift will last long due to the authentic Japanese quality, it will also be unique


Gardening & Hardware

Living in this beautiful island almost everyone has a backyard or a tiny garden which adds a little elegant to their home and because of this landscaping and gardening has become a important part of life. After all it is calmness that we seek among our busy lives. Kokath offer you a vast range of solutions to fulfill your gardening needs, whatever you need to maintain your garden is available to purchase with us and these products are rich in quality and creative in many ways which allows you do get your job done easily without any hassle and lets not forget our range our high quality hardware tools, these tools with allow you to complete your work all by your self so in a way kokath literally helps you to do it yourself

Gardening & Hardware


Storage Containers

Our Journey

Blooming from the roots of Laugfs Holdings Kokath is the newest brand under Laugfs Solutions. Everyday the dynamic market is presenting businesses with new opportunities and one should posses the eye and a keen knowledge and experience to  foresee these opportunities. 

Kokath is born and being groomed under the light of Laugfs and that aspect alone has shown us the unique need in the market for smart, unique household gadgets and items which priced very reasonably. Our core idea is to introduce the Sri Lankan market to these high quality items at Less than Rs.1000 and that is exactly what we have accomplished 

Mixing this anything for less than Rs.1000 with modern day shopping experience has created a state of the art shopping outlet and a cyber platform for our customers. By doing so we have decided to focus on delivering to our customers through an extended marketing mix of 7P's 

Customer satisfaction and delivering a unique shopping experience to our customers are our core values so see for yourself. Decide for yourself because what you think of us is what you are. Kokath more for life